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patted my shoulder最近韩国免费观看视频

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patted my shoulder最近韩国免费观看视频

“Son of a bitch!” I heard Joann exclaim, “a fucking wasp just stung my Goddamn arm!” I had been working with the quiet little woman for over three months, but had never heard her use any curse words, other than an occasional 'damn'. I dropped the hand held scanner onto a pallet of electronic equipment, walked to her side, and asked her if she needed to take a break.“I'll need to sit down for a few minutes, just to see if there's any reaction, with all the meds I take. Damn, that hurts.”I remembered her telling me about her heart surgeries, but I'd never seen any evidence that her ability to work was compromised. As she sat, I took a copper penny from my pocket. “I heard that taping a penny onto the stung spot, will relieve the pain in a short while. This will be a good time to try it out. Is there any specific reaction I need to watch for?”“I don't know, Don,” I could hear the frustration in her soft voice, “there's so many possible side effects, I could never keep up with all of them.”An adhesive bandage, from the nearby first aid kit, held the penny tightly in place. She smiled and thanked me as I sat down, still holding her arm, and lightly rubbing both sides of the bandage. “I'll just sit with you for a few minutes, and you tell me if you feel something that's not right.”“I'll tell you what's not right. I shouldn't have to be working, anyway. My husband's laid off from his job, driving a gravel truck. He could be driving for a dozen other companies, but he's too damn lazy to look around. I think his laziness is the reason the gravel pit doesn't want him back. He says it's the best pay he can get, so he wants to just sit on his sorry butt, and wait for a call back...the sting is better now, Don, thank you so much. I'm sorry for unloading on you. I guess I'll get back to work.”As she started to stand up, she stumbled. When I caught her, I had a handful of firm tit trapped in my right hand. When she regained her balance, I grinned at Joann and said, “oops”.“Don't worry about it, and thank you....again. Do you think the boss would mind if I take the rest of the day off? I guess that sting made me a little woozy.”“If you're not here, you don't get paid. He's already gone, and it's just the two of us, for the next couple of hours. Tuesdays are never very busy, so I can take care of things. You just go to the break room and relax. Will you be steady enough, or do I need to help you?”“I think I can make it twenty feet by myself. Besides,” she had a mischievous grin on her face, “how do I know you wouldn't try to cop another feel?”“Hey, I'm a man. At my age, you gotta take advantage of every opportunity. Now you scoot on in there and lie down, I'll check on you in a little bit.”She reached out, patted my shoulder, and said, sweetly, “Thank you, Don.”I had to nudge the sleeping 44 year-old three or four times before she awoke. If she hadn't come around, I was prepared to call the local EMS.“Oh..I guess I dozed off. Gosh, what time is it?”“It's six o'clock. I just locked the front door and turned off the 'open' sign. How you feeling?”“Actually, I guess that sting made me sleepy, but I feel very rested. Look here, there's not even a red mark where the wasp stung me. Mmm, would you do me a favor? I ran into that open cabinet earlier. It feels like I have a knot on the side of my head. Would you follow me home, just in case I get sleepy again and have to pull over?”I pulled my car into Joann's driveway, and waited for her to park hers' in the garage. When she walked out and hit the door closer, she smiled as she walked back to my car.“I'd like you to stay for a little bit, it looks like dick head is out running around. I'm gonna fix some sandwiches for supper, please stay....”“YES!” Joann was excited, “He got called in to haul six loads, to Phoenix. Each trip will be about two hours, so I don't have to put up with his whining & bullshit tonight. Sorry, Don, but I need some relief once in a while.”The sandwiches were delicious and I really enjoyed visiting with Joann. Her only child was twenty-three, and she was currently serving a tour of duty in Iraq.“Do you have anything going on this evening, Don?”“Yeah,” I was teasing her, “I had a date, but I stayed here too long. Guess I can forget getting' laid tonight. That's alright, though, her boobs don't feel as good as yours.” I snickered a little and she could tell I was joking. She rose from the kitchen bar, took the few steps to reach where I sat, and said, “I've never shown you my scar.” She unbuttoned the company shirt, which fit her body better than mine fit, then unhooked the front clasp on her bra. I barely glanced at the scar, which ran from the top of her ribcage, to a point just above her navel. Yep, those soft tits looked just as good as the one had felt, earlier.“Asshole won't even look at me, when I'm facing him naked. He says he can't believe they destroyed my body this way. Hell, without the surgery, I would have been dead. Would you mind telling me what you think about the damage?”I pulled her to me, took a warm, hard nipple in my mouth, and sucked for a few seconds. “What damage?” Then I latched onto the other one.“Oh, fuck, that feels so good. Bob hasn't touched my tits, nor my pussy for two years. Stay here tonight, Don. I need a man. I need a man real bad.”I took her belt loose, dropped her uniform pants, and lowered her pink panties. “I'll stay on one condition...no more talk about you stupid husband. This night will just be for us, nobody else.”I easily lifted Joann, and asked the way to the bedroom.I laid her on the bed and began pulling my own clothes off. She scooted her ass toward me, until it was barely on the edge. She grabbed her ankles, spread her short legs, and said, “Just walk your dick into me, please. Hurry, I'm so fucking horny I'm about to cum, just thinking about how good this going to feel.”Joann's husband must have had a small dick, or maybe it was because she hadn't had a hard cock in her for over two years. I had no problem finding her fuck hole, but she wasn't wet enough. When I spit into my hand, she did the same. In seconds, there was enough saliva on her cunt that my shaft slid in. I backed it out,1000部啪啪未满十八勿入免费 pushed in again, then again. Finally, on the third shove, I was seated deep in her pussy.I held still for a few seconds, until she began to wiggle with anticipation. I moved her legs to my shoulders, grabbed her hips, and pulled her ass all the way against my balls. When I started steadily pumping my piston, she began gasping.“Oh my God, Don. Oh my fucking God, that feels so good. Uhh, uhh, mmm, ggguhh, oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!”“Yeah, baby, cum for Donnie. Cum hard!”Joann, literally, screamed, “Aieeee! Fuck Meeeeee!”, when her first orgasm hit. I pounded her harder for three or four minutes, then she let out another. “Oh..oh..oh..oh..oooohhhhh, SHIT!....SHIT! MOTHER FUCKIN' SHIT!!” I could feel my own nuts beginning to spasm, ready to send a load of hot sperm into the depths of this pretty, greying, little woman. “Here it cums, baby!”“Yes, fuck me. Cum in me, Don. Fuck me hard. Fill me up...”I did.I fell onto the bed, after my cock began to recede. We repositioned ourselves, and held each other close. In a few minutes, I offered to step into the bathroom, and get her a washcloth.“No, thanks. I want to feel the mess on my legs, my ass, my pussy. I want to know that feeling, again.It's been so long. Speaking of long, you have a much bigger dick than.....never mind, we're not going to mention anybody. Would you mind if I kiss you?”“Mind? Hell, I'd love to kiss you. I just wasn't sure how you'd feel about it, or if you just wanted sex.” Our lips met, tongues dueled, and hands wandered. Soon, as a result of all the close contact, including her hand stroking me into another hard-on, we were joined again, fucking like a couple of horny teenagers.I awoke at 4:35 am. Joann's warm, soft lips were working up and down on my piss hard. Needing to empty my bladder delayed my ejaculation...or maybe it was that my balls had emptied four times in the last eight hours, already.Joann's skill as a cocksucker were amazing. The combination of suction, tongue manipulation, and hand strokes, kept me on the verge of cumming for ten minutes or more. Finally, I jerked her head down hard, forcing the end of my shaft into her throat...just in time to shoot six or seven surges of semen straight down, into her stomach.“Wow,” she gasped for air as she raised her head, “I've never deep throated before.” She moved up, kissed me, and told me she'd have to try it again, soon. “Okay if I go home with you to shower? Asshole should be getting home before long. I want the bastard to wonder what the fuck went on in here, but I don't want him to confront me, alone. You helped me make up my mind, I'm leaving his sorry ass, as soon as I can find an affordable apartment.”“You don't need an apartment. Move in with me. We'll get your clothes and personal things, right now. He won't fuck with you when I'm around, or he'll get his ass kicked. C'mon, let's pack. The early morning shower was better than any I'd ever taken. After shampooing each others' hair, we took a turn with the bath gel and sponge. It was at that point I examined the long scar on her chest. With a tit firmly grasped in each hand, I planted kisses down the entire length of it. 'But why stop there?' I thought. I eased to my knees, gave her navel some special attention, then moved to her pubic hair. Her feet slid to the outer edges of the enclosure, and as my mouth found her clit, my fingers entered her pussy. With her back against the wall, she lifted her legs over my shoulders. “Uh..uh..uh..uh..” was all she could manage to say, but as hard as she was humping into my face, I could tell she was screaming on the inside. The finger-fucking, and tonguing, brought her to a climax within a couple of minutes. I let Joann slide to the floor of the shower, sat beside her, and held in my arms.After a few minutes, she spoke, quietly. “I'm never going back to that house, Don. Not to that house, not to that sorry bastard, who promised to love and take care of me. He has a whore down the street. He doesn't know that I know, but I do. She's really a pretty nice lady, so I don't see what she sees in him.”I reached up and turned off the water.“I don't know what you want, Joann. I'm not sure I want to commit to a permanent relationship. I'll just have to figure that out. But...you can stay here, with me, until we decide what we want. No matter whatit is, I want to be your friend, and nobody fucks with my friends.” I took the opportunity to stroke her clit, again, “Except me... I love to fuck my friends.”One short talk with Bob was all it took to convince him to stay away from Joann. With her divorce settlement, and my own savings, she and I bought out the appliance rental business, where we worked.She lived with me for a little over two years, and was riding my cock like a cowgirl when her heart gave out. With her dying breath, she smiled at me and said, “Fuck, that was good.”