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" she smirked最近的2019中文字幕国语在线

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" she smirked最近的2019中文字幕国语在线

I was sitting at my desk when a small vision of Celina appeared in front of me, "the first three are here sir," three folders appeared in front of me waving my hand over each I raised my eyebrows so, he was here, he was of age I guess. "Seat them in the waiting room, for now." I told her, I could see she was concerned but did as I asked. Within half an hour all 20 had appeared and were sitting in the room waiting for whatever they were expecting. As I walked in I saw they were disappointed, good they were about to learn the hard way not to judge too quickly. I heard several laugh and stand to walk out, many grumbling they thought they were being taught by a great, if not the greatest enforcer of all time. Smiling I let them get half way to the door feeling their feeble repulse spells between me and them. Suddenly all 20 were frozen in place, the look of shock on their faces was by far the best laugh I'd had all week. "I am Tyrome Greenstick," I told all of them, almost all their faces donned a horrified look, oh yeah they knew who I was. "This was your first lesson; NEVER think that your opponent is weak or powerless. Always assume you are going against another strong if not AS strong as you. This one thing can save your live more than anything you can do, now then, if you are through acting like idiots, we can go on with the rest of the day's lesson." I started then out on drills to try and increase their power, I had to admit they were as low as I'd felt since I was in school. Shuddering that was a memory I did NOT want to go or even accidently wander down. I felt them start to get stronger not much hell that would have been a miracle but enough that I knew that I wasn't dealing with a bunch of push overs. Good I thought the real work would start tomorrow, when we finished I saw they were sweating bullets, again good I thought 'bout time they got some real work. "Alright," I said calling it for the day, "back here again tomorrow, remember what I said, be aware of everything, ya never know when there might be another out for ya." I watched them go, I sure hoped I didn't get them all killed, though they had increased another 5%, a couple of drops though not much, were a couple of drops. I told Celina I'd see her tomorrow and headed out, I was only a block from the office when I felt a watcher tailing me. Now what I thought hadn't anyone learned about me yet? What, did they think I was a newbie? I led my watcher on a merry chase, damn this ass was good, I hadn't lost him yet, this one was of a quality like the council used. Stopping in an alley I awaited the watcher to catch me, sure enough he thought I had taken a short cut, I grabbed her as soon as she rounded the corner. "I don't know who sent you, nor do I care. I'm in a pretty foul mood right now and really don't feel like fucking with you. Start talking and if I don't like what I hear you're done." I growled. "Damn Tyrome! Scare a girl to death!" Was the first thing out of her mouth looking closer I saw who it was. "Cloe! What in the hell are you doing? I could have killed you!" I almost shouted then realized where we were."As if," she smirked, "you're strong I'll give you that but I still have the edge on you." I smiled yeah she was right there, (another of those tight assed women, um, um) "Still thinking with your cock I see." Reaching down she began to rapidly massage me through my pants. "I should've gotten more of this, damn it figures Cynthia'd get her claws into you first, along with various other body parts." Sighing she pulled a scroll, "This is an official case, an odd one that has never been solved, hell should have given it to you 100 years ago, oh well live and learn." Leaning close she whispered, "I'll be by in the next few days, Cynthia won't shut up about how much you filled her, I'm going to find out." Poof with that she was gone faster than a bad memory. Damn it! Now she'd gone and worked me all up and I had nowhere to relieve it! Thinking there had to be someone, sighing I realized no, there was no one, hadn't been in a while, not with Cynthia trying to drain me every second of the day. Tyrome walked back home sticking the scroll in his pocket, god he was tired training these pups took a lot more than he thought. Entering his building he saw that none of his wards had been disturbed, opening his door to the empty apartment he sighed. It was going to take a little getting used to no one here when he got home, damn he thought I need to get laid. Waving his hand over the phone book he searched for the one woman for tonight. Damn! Nothing that even half peeked his interest damn all I need is a piece of ass come on! All the women he'd screwed over the years and not a damn one could or would tonight, they were all in other, cities other dimensions, dead, (ugh not even going there) or just plain still pissed as hell at him. Opening the scroll with a sigh his eyes got wide when he started reading, then he started laughing, so hard in fact he fell off the bed. <Hey Cloe!> he thought. <I'm busy!> came her angry reply. <As if! Get your ass and the council's ready, I'll have this little shit in under two hours,> Tyrome thought. <WHAT!? this case has been unsolved for 200 years!> she cried. <As I said, be ready I should have the creep soon.> Tyrome laughed as he disconnected. Sighing Tyrome changed clothes and headed out, almost an hour later he was on the other side of the city.Keenly aware of everything something wasn't right about this he cast 3 more wards, walking up to a wall he waved his hand then walked through. The place got creepily quiet when he walked in, the bouncer walked up to him, "Hey! you'renot welcome in here, the last time you were here it cost a fortune to repair the place." Looking straight into the bouncer's eyes Tyrome replied, "then you shouldn't have tried to touch me, you know therules besides I am retired, somewhat." "Hmmm retired huh? So you're not an enforcer anymore? I can throw you out if I want? The large hulking creature said. "Well you're welcome to try but remember the last time I was only at half strength now I am full. So you still wanna try?" I smiled hard at the brute, "besides I am only here for a pick-up if no one gets in my way then... no one dies agreed?" The brute smiled back, "yeah we'll see." I looked around the joint 'til I spotted a spot on the wall at a booth way in the back. Smiling I thought they always did it the hard way. I walked up to the table looked at all those there and motioned for everyone to leave then I just sat. I could feel my quarry trying not to breathe too hard; I felt his eyes dart to every exit. "I know you're here Rankle, I also know that you can't escape me, you give me what I want, and I won't gut you." I threatened. A whispering voice trembled and said, "sure whatever you want Tyrome." "Good, where's your brother? I know he's close by, he has to be, you guys are never more than a hundred yards apart." I growled to show I wasn't playing. "In the back, please Tyrome, don't kill him you already got me mom, and pa he's all I got left." Rankle cried. "No, not this time! I slugged Rankle knocking him out, picking him up I walked out, more than several staring hard at me. I only had to wait a minute for Cankle to burst out the door, freezing him the look on his face was priceless. Too bad the deal hadn't included his gang, diving I took out the first three, setting my wards to maximum I placed all fiveunder, above, behind, and on each side of me,idiots thought I was that green, I took five more with the wards hmmm that's sevenwhere were the other... ah! Aiming I blew another away, "Alright this is your only chance to leave, I am Tyrome Greenstick if you haven't guessed your boss is going away for a long time. Go find another to work for or stay and die no skin off my nose but you will die. You've got five...four... three...two," I heard them running terrified back into the building. Smiling I waited for the council, looking at my watch, hmmm hour and a half not bad. A few minutes later they were all there including Cloe (damn was she pissed). Bowing I read off the charges and pointed to Cankle then Rankle explaining the how and why of how they'd done the job. All but the elder were sitting with their mouths open."Excellent job, this has been a bother to the council for a while, thank you." the elder said.Bowing again I saw that Cloe was staring at me more intensely, I felt like a side of beef being stared at by a hungry mob. "Though next time you might want to make a general call for the council." Smirking I replied, "Elder she has nothing, and has done nothing that I haven't seen before, though I must admit she has learned a few new moves." I heard a few of the younger council members snicker,一本大道香一蕉久在线播放a out of the corner of my eye I saw Cloe blush, GOOD!All of the council flashed out except Cloe, "that was cruel Tyrome!" "Cruel?! No this," I said as I gently massaged her taunt breasts and nipples, then lightly rubbed her crotch feeling her heat increase as well as her breath. Then I just stopped and backed up, "that is cruel you remember that the next time you play with me woman. I can dish it out just as well as you!" Turning I left her frustrated, panting, and dripping there in the street with her mouth hanging open, she wasn't the only one who could be a bitch! It took me an hour to get home for some reason I actually enjoyed the ride back, especially after I had paid Cloe back. Finally home I decided to try and get a few hours of shut eye, opening the door I wasn't surprised when I found Cloe naked on my bed. "What do you want bitch!" "I have to apologize somehow." she started. "No you just want me to fuck you, did you forget that I am the only one who could turn you on? Any other guy can satisfy you go fuck your boy toy, I DON"T WANT YOU!" I yelled at her watching her cringe. "You have to! I fucked him for a solid hour I can't orgasm! It's killing me!" she begged. "NO," I said, I'd been here before; she'd get what she wanted then tease me unmercifully for the next few years. That shit wasn't going to happen council member or not, I wasn't going to fall for it again. "OMG! Please Tyrome I can't function, I am a council member I have to be able to concentrate! She started begging. Smiling I thought not yet, "It serves you right you fucking little tease! Suffer! As you made me suffer for the last few hours, like you have every time you felt like playing!" Tears were starting to fall from her eyes not the fake type these were the quarter sized, falling like rain type."Please Tyrome, anything I'll do anything! Please!" she begged again. Smiling I had her! Never again would I have to put up with her teasing again. Turning I snapped my fingers and was instantly naked, hard? Shit been that for over two hours. I knew that foreplay wasn't going to do it, settling in I eased my 8 1/2 cock into her hot sheath eliciting a joyful scream from her lips. This was sex this was pure unbridled lust, I started to pound into her feeling her thrusting back then tightening up had her first orgasm screaming it's release. For almost an hour we went at it like two wild animals rutting, plunging as fast and hard as we could each trying to draw more from the other finally after her tenth or eleventh orgasm I felt my balls start to boil and churn, damn this was going to be huge! Cloe must have felt my cock tighten as her vagina clamped down, finally with a roar I felt my balls empty everything deep inside her. Cloe eyes grew large feeling the hot semen wash over and through her cervix screaming out her orgasm her eyes flickered then with a satisfied sigh passed out. Getting up I was wobbly on my legs damn just like last time I smiled, grabbing a wash cloth I washed and cooled her off. Be 'bout an hour 'til she was up, I guess I'd make something to eat. Soon I heard her groan snapping my fingers the table was set with plenty of food. Getting up her eyes held a look of thanks, sitting, I ate beside her not saying a word, I wouldn't have to, not this time. Finally done she waved her hand and was dressed, "now then, do you really expect me to honor what I said?" "Oh, I most certainly do, and I'm afraid this time you can't back out or say you didn't say anything. You are mine for as long as I want!" I smiled. "I think you're mistaken," she started. "No my dear, I think you are." I replied. "Sirs, Ladies?" The other 11 council members appeared, "Cloe Tilton, by your own words," here her words were replayed, :Please Tyrome, anything I'll do anything! Please!: "You are now bound to Tyrome Greenstick 'til such time as he releases you!" Cloe's eyes grew large then she hung her head, then a curious thing happened, she actually smiled not a big one but a smile none the less. Yes I had her but for some reason I felt it was where she wanted to be. Son of a bitch I'd been had again! Well I did love a tight ass and I had to admit though hers wasn't the tightest it was a damn sight better than over 90% I'd seen. Still with her head hung I looked at her, "are you saying that you wish to be my slave?" "If you wish I will be in the same room with you, I will call you master and do all I can to please you in EVERY way!" she replied almost in a whisper. Hmmm this was starting to get somewhat interesting, there were quite a few years of pay back I most definitely owed her. The council was waiting for what I had to say next, "I accept her as my … I guess sex slave until such time as I feel the debt is paid and I release her, I will abide by the decisions she makes on the council, nor will I interfere with her duties on it," bowing I pledged, "I again pledge my aid, knowledge and power to the council 'til such time as I cease to be, within reason." Most of the council caught that last part and most were smiling including Cloe. "How vote ye?" All the figures said aye, then it was Cloe's turn, "I vote aye with an addendum I will be within these walls unless I am with Tyrome Greenstick, or the council calls me which as he said always comes first." With that she bowed also. "All are agreed Cloe Tilton belongs to you 'til you release her, only council business is she allowed to be away and be herself so say we all!" With that they were gone. I just shook my head Damn what had I gotten my ass into? Cloe just smiled, "I knew one day you'd own me master, I knew if I teased you enough you'd take me. It has been my dream for 200 years, now finally I am yours." I was taken a back 200 years no way! The young mage I saved the mother and father of back then. Crap I wondered how many more adoring fans I had! "Do you need to move your things over here?" I asked. Waving her hand a small bag appeared. "I have it all here, as long as I am with you I have all I need," she whispered dropping her head. "Cloe," I sighed, "I want to repay you for the hell you put me through, but I wasn't wanting a slave."Here Cloe threw herself to the floor and started to wail, "It's always been my dream to be your slave, please don't cast me aside!" "I'll let you remain under a few conditions, one, you call me Tyrome not master, if you don't then I will punish you understand?" I stated. She vigorously nodded her head as tears fell from her eyes. "Two, NEVER tell anyone from either world you are my slave, you do, you're gone, understand?" Again she shook her head as if she was terrified not to."And3, you Never interfere with a case as just Cloe, this will make me get rid of you, if you aren't killed."This time she almost fell over shaking her head so hard."Alright, you can stay," Tyrome sighed, was this going to be like having a wife? No this one won't argue, ugh not even once. I started to walk away but another thought came to me. "Cloe?" "Yes Master Tyrome?" she answered, ok this was going to take getting used to. "You aren't going to try and follow me around are you; I don't think I could put up with that," I said. "No Master Tyrome, unless you ask me I will remain here or with the council." she answered."I'm worried you won't be able to perform your duties as a council member, though you've been a bitch you are a good member. The first time I feel that this," I waved my hand at her then me, "is interfering I will let you go, plus I don't want you stuck here all day is that understood?" "Yes Master Tyrome," she said a little sad, I could see for some reason she wanted to stay as close to anything that was mine if I wasn't there.Shaking my head I was starting to have doubts about this it was something like this that could easily get me killed. "Master?" Cloe asked as I was shaking my head."Yes Cloe," I replied. "Are you alright? I haven't displeased you have I?" she asked genuinely concerned, Christ she'd only been here a few minutes and already she thought I was tired of her? "No, though this situation is going to take some getting used to. I have to warn you Cloe, I was an enforcer for over 200 years. I have a lot of enemies still out there, enemies that wouldn't hesitate to kill or capture you to get to me, remember that." I warned her. "I am well aware of all your enemies; I have been studying every case you were ever on. You are the most impressive enforcer that has ever been. I will be ready if any come here, though the three chameleon mages you fought 100 years ago do worry me a bit. They will be the hardest to defend against." she stated shaking a little at the mention of the chameleon brothers. Laying down I decided to try and get a little sleep, I might be strong but even I needed to sleep a little. Cloe immediately crawled in bed next to me I swore I could almost hear her purring. Reaching over I pulled her closer as she wiggled her ass against my groin, ok I was wrong, nothing sub-par about her. Feeling her back side I grinned, this might be enjoyable after all! Her ass was better than I thought um yes her tight ass would most certainly do!